Stop Husband and Wife Divorce

Why Do Couples Get A Divorce?

In every religion, when a couple takes vows in front of God then they promise to take care of each other and be with each other in every situation. When things turn sour, the same vows are broken and the couple stands in front of the doors of the court to take a divorce. Divorce is a horrifying experience which in some cases leaves the person traumatized and scarred forever. A promise is broken when both husband and wife decide to call off their marriage and go separate ways. This can happen between ay couple and there can be many reasons because of which people take divorce. Reasons like cheating spouse, lack of understanding, forceful marriage, lack of intimacy, too much interference of in-laws, physical abuse and mental abuse. These are a few reasons because of which the divorce is taken. But what makes these reasons to arise? The reason is the fault in the horoscope.

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Stop Divorce Before It’s Too Late

Divorce cases are caused because of the astrological fault in the horoscope. Mars, Rahu, Saturn and the Sun are responsible for the divorce and the entry of these planets in the enemy house i.e. the seventh house acts as a catalyst. If a marriage is prepared to happen and the horoscope matching of the bride and the groom is not done by the best Vedic astrologer then there are strong chances of the divorce to happen. Marriage astrology is very important when a marriage is set to happen. Even if the marriage is a love marriage then also the Guna have to be matched or else the compatibility will not be as good as an arranged marriage.

How Can We Stop Divorce With The Help Of Astrology

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