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Court cases not only harm us mentally, but they can also be physically exhausting and draining. They either wind up in a few days’ time or can prolong for indefinite period of time. Astro Uday Krishna is a top court case solution astrologer in California, who by looking at the play of stars and planets in your horoscope can ascertain the outcome of the legal tussle you are currently stuck in and whether you will win that case or not.

Planets Responsible for the Onset of Court Cases

The presence of Saturn, which is known for its slow and rigid nature, in the 8th house which indicates fights and legal battles, may take years for your court case to reach a verdict.

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  • Ketu is a malefic planet which brings misery, bad luck, and helplessness. The placement of Ketu in the 8th house of the horoscope means a native will be held guilty of the court case or he/she may have to pay hefty court fee during the course of the case.
  • Rahu is an extremely mischief planet that can turn the tables either on you or against the opposition, which will all be decided by your past karmas and present deeds. The presence of Rahu in the 8th house means that the court case will stretch for an extremely long time but the result will either be rewarding or punishing.
  • Mars in the 8th house is the most terrible astrology combination. In this case, the judgment of the court case will be given without the proper hearing or evidence and is often against the person.

Consult the Top Vedic Astrologer in California to Win Court Cases

Astro Uday Krishna is a famous and World’s reputed Indian astrologer, psychic and spiritualist whose massive knowledge of the various fields of Vedic astrology has helped resolve many legal disputes and court cases that are caused by the negative influence of certain planets and weak nature of important houses of a horoscope. His expert astrology remedies and effective astrology services are not only popular in the USA, but also all around the world.

Practice Best Astrology Remedies to Win Court Cases

With the rising rates of bureaucracy, red-tapism, and corruption, the number of court cases that are filed across the world has also risen substantially. For the complete resolution of the court cases no matter, the type or nature, here are some of the most practiced and best astrology remedies by our famous Indian astrologer in California.

  • Maa Bagalmukhi is known for removing hurdles related to finances and legal technicalities. When the Lagna Lord is weak or afflicted, the chances of winning a court case is less. To strengthen the Lagna Lord, Bagalmukhi Mata Puja is the proven remedy.
  • Panchmukhi Hanuman Pujan is also advised when you are stuck in a serious court case. The blessings of Lord Hanuman can help you win court cases.
  • Take a piece of paper; place a lemon in the center and 4 cloves at each corner. Wrap the piece of paper and put it in your pocket for the positive results.
  • For the people who are dragged in a false court case, consider wearing panchmuki Rudraksha (5 faced), saptamukhi Rudraksha (7 faced) or even the gyaramukhi rudraksha (11 faced). Rudraksha has the power to waive off the negative effects and bad energy surrounding your life.

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