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When we talk about astrology then the images of planets, stars and other cosmic and heavenly bodies are what we think of first. It is strange how the nine planets in the solar system rule the lives of every person in the world and at the same time, it is fascinating also. The planetary motion and the transits decide the course of our future and have also decided our past. An astrologer is the connecting person and knows all the answers to the question related to our life. Be it your love life, personal problems, professional life or business problems, our astrologer has got all the answers.

Astro Uday Krishna is a distinguished Vedic astrologer who knows and has learned all the aspects of Vedic astrology and uses them for the welfare of the people. Astro Uday Krishna was born in the family of astrologer and has a rich lineage of Vedic astrology knowledge. He was raised among some of the best astrologers at that time and this is where he learned all about astrology. He started gaining knowledge about the planets and cosmic bodies at a very young age have not looked back since then. After practicing the teachings he proved that he is the best astrologer.

California’s No.1 Astrologer

Astro Uday Krishna is California’s No. 1 astrologer as he has got the best success result till now. With his great knowledge and understanding in Vedic astrology, he is able to solve the problems of the people and anyone who comes to him. He is reliable and trustworthy and keeps all the readings confidential and shares with the person only.

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Astro Uday Krishna is the best astrologer when it comes to the problems as he is capable to solve all the issues that a person faces in their life. No matter what or how big the issue is, with his effective and powerful remedies, he will give you the best solution to you. He takes care of professional and personal problems.



Since his childhood, he was very interested in Vedic astrology and used to sit with his father and grandparent at the time of the readings. He was very much fascinated by the stars, the moon and the sun and would try to learn about the transits that the planets would make and would also take interest in the twelve houses of the horoscope chart. He would pick up some teachings and would be used to do minor predictions. Later on, he started practicing with great devotion and with the help of his ancestors and forefathers; he emerged out as one of the best Vedic astrologers in California.

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Astro Uday Krishna

When you are having a doubt in life and about life then there are very few people whom you turn to. It is not necessary that they will give the best and correct advice which will solve your problems as every person has a different opinion. So, it is better to choose the professional for all the complication about life i.e. Astro Uday Krishna.

We make sure that the information is not shared by anyone else except you and this is why we keep the readings secret and discreet to avoid any problems.

The horoscope chart of a person is the key to future events so that we know what we are supposed to face in life. The horoscope chart has to be correct.

Each person has a different horoscope chart and so are the problems. The remedies are based on each person character and planetary trait & are different.

We make sure that you are happy with the solution of the problem that you came with and leave with a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart.


Here’s What Our Clients Say

These are views of the people who have taken advice from Astro Uday Krishna and have found them effective. People from all over the world visit Astro Uday Krishna with the belief in their heart that he will be able to solve all the life-related issues which people are facing. Their belief is true as our astrologer has all the solutions based on the problems.